6 Feb

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Kazi M Imran

5 Oct

Application of Technology- yet another creative and useful idea from google

5 Oct

Now you print over internet using the Google's cloud print technology. The technology has been there for a while now but the application came in now. Essentially with this method you register your printer and then provide access to users who can print. The user with access to internet can print it from anywhere in the world (as long as he/she has internet connection). How about print a page at your friends printer in Australia or in Uttara from NSU?

Technology for behavior modification: Text messages can help smokers quite

30 Jun

Text messages (SMS) helps us communicate better yet it can do more. Researchers have found evidence that text messaging service can be used to help smokers quit.

Small, medium and large enterprises in Bangladesh

6 Jun

The structural arrangements of Bangladesh's industries show that jute, textiles, paper, steel and engineering, cement, chemical, fertilizer and pharmaceutical industries are under the big and medium scale industries.