Appearing for an IOA

For short questions, do not use an enter else your answer will be submitted.

Question pattern

Midterm and final

There are typically Multiple Choice (MCQ), true-false fill in the gap, short question, and analytical questions in the exam. These questions are similar to IOAs. Also sample questions are attached below.

Please follow these instructions during exam

  • Read the question at least twice to understand it and answer accordingly (objectively).
  • Keep the readings (textbook, lectures) in mind and/or provide details including any assumption(s).
  • Select the best. Use the blank-side if you need additional space and make sure your reference it.
  • If a question asks for explanation, provide an example.
  • Fill in your NSU ID (on the bottom).
Sample MGT314-M1.pdf183.59 KB
Sample MGT321-M1.pdf121.37 KB
NSU Phone Directory
NSU Phone Directory- pdf50.4 KB
What are topics for project in MGT 314?

ERP (or specific module) application analysis
Improving quality of product/service
Waiting line (queue) optimization analysis
Product/service design
Inventory management analysis
Logistics collaboration in supply chains
Improve the efficiency/performance of a plant
Forecast analysis (technique)
provide details and support your claims

How my grades will be calculated?

Your grades will be weighted as described in the course outline. You can download the attached excel sheet to get a feel for it.

Sample Grade Calculation.xlsx55.62 KB
Do I have to buy the exact edition of the book as noted in the course outline?

Yes. A few times the contents are same in different edition of a particular textbook yet the page numbers, the evaluation questions, diagrams and images might change. The class will follow the edition noted in the course outline and it will make your life a lot easier.

Sample Application Format

Use this application format for various request you want to make.

Sample Application Format.docx12.19 KB
First time accessing the site- what is my username and password?

Your username is your NSU ID (e.g. 082000030 or 1011000030) and your password is nsu followed by your username (e.g. nsu082000030 or nsu1011000030).

*** Important ***

You need to immediately change your password and email address. The change of password will eliminate unauthorized access to your account. You can use the updated email address in case you forget your password.

Click here for the tutorial

What is my assignment number that I should write in the filename and/or email subject?

In the website if the assignment is "GW-C7 Due Mar 26" the your assignment number is "GW-C7".

In the website if the assignment is "Assignment: MBTI due 7th Mar" the your assignment number is "MBTI".

In the website if the assignment is "Groupwork- GW-C5 Due 11th" the your assignment number is "GW-C5".

Can I get Extra Credit Points for finding a typo and/or grammatical error that doesn't make the question illegible?

Unfortunately no. The are extra-credit points if and only if the typo changes the meaning of the question making it confusing for the rest of the students.

How to format an Assignment? Is there a word limit?

Organize your answer professionally- similar to if you were working for a multinational company and you are to submit a report to your manager.

The title page (first page) of your assignment should include all relevant information including your name, id, course number, section, assignment number, submission time and other relevant information as appropriate. In case of groups include group's name and all individual in the group along with the ones already specified. Consider using a table to make the organization easier.

Different assignments will have different word limits. Keep your answer as short as possible without losing relevancy. Stay focused on answering the original question and do not digress. Provide as much example as you can.

Do not include elaborate premises (definition) if it is not explicitly requested. Include relevant information only.

You are wasting your valuable times as well as your managers’ by providing information that is not relevant. For example, if the question does not ask for definition think before you include definition. Be specific and relevant with respect to the question asked.

For exam, what do I need to study- slide or Book?

You need to follow the slides closely. But the slides has limited information and a lot of time it covers only the headings. You will need the textbook to understand the slides.

More simply, follow slides and use textbooks whenever you find something not clear.

Other great ideas:

  • Practice solved problems in the book (if any)
  • Practice assigned homeworks (if any)
  • Use wikipedia and/or google to get additional insight on problem
I mailed my assignment but there was no confirmation email, what to do?

Confirmation emails are auto-generated and, therefore, there is little chance of error. Check the reasons below before you get alarmed about t.

* Make sure the email address is correct.
* The confirmation email is sent once every 4 days. So, in case you emailed me within the last 4 days, you will not receive a confirmation email. Do not worry, your email is sent (assuming you used the right email address).
* Check your junk folder- most of the times auto-generated emails are treated as junk.

If this does not solve the problem, please talk to me in class.

The homework deadline says "11th January". When is the last time I can email my homework?

You have till 11:59:59 PM of that day to send it.
To be in safe-side, try to send by 5:00 PM of the same day.
To get maximum impact of your study, finish the homework as soon as it is assigned and email it immediately after.