Writing and formatting a project report

Your Role

Consider your group as an outside consultant working on the project.

Your Audiance

Your audiance is the senior management of the company.

Word Limit and Contents

  • Executive Summary: the maximum page limit is 2 pages while less than a page is standard for professional reports.
  • Content section of the report can have a maximum of 12 pages.

Keep your answer as short as possible without losing relevancy. Stay focused on answering the original question and do not digress. You are wasting your manager's valuable time by providing information that is not relevant. For example, explaining theories and elaborate background information are best kept for the appendix. Be specific and relevant with respect to the project. This is excluding cover page, declaration of originality, company guide certification, acknowledgement, executive summary, table of content, and the appendix.

  • Do not include definitions and limit your usage of quotes.
  • Do credit all your sources (use bibliography).
  • Do make your analysis data representation (e.g. graphs, tables) to fit in 1/3rd of a page per diagram.
  • Do attach irrelevant and/or large data in the appendix. For example
    • Include the "Company Profile" in the appendix
    • Include the "Survey Questions" and large tables in the appendix- make a chart or a consice table to include that in the main report.

Company Guide/Contact Person

The point of conatct of the company you will work on will act as a guide. This is the person who will help you get relavant information from the organization.


You need to organize all the components of your document into a single document. If you are using multiple word files you can choose to merge them into a pdf file. There are some pdf software available for free in the internet that will allow you to do so.


Choose professional line-spacing and font-size. Consider searching online for similar reports for more understanding of how a professional report looks like.

Components of the report

Title Page

The title page (first page) of your assignment should include the project's name including the company you worked on, the group name and the name and NSU ID of the group memebers, course number and section, assignment type and number, submission time and the submission authority. Make the outlook professional by using various styles available in your work processor. For instance, consider using a table to line up the name of the group members..

Executive summary

The executive summary is designed to be read by people who will not have time to read the whole report or are deciding if this is necessary- you need to say as much as possible in the fewest words. The executive summary should briefly outline the subject matter, the background problem, the scope of the investigation, the method(s) of analysis, the important findings arguments and important issues raised in the discussion, the conclusion and recommendations. Consider revising the summary and eliminate the topics that are less relavant.

Declaration of orginiality

In this are you will need to declare that the project report written and submitted to the Adeyl Khan, North South University is your own content which has not been copied and.or reproduced elsewhere. You also need to acknowledge that such reproducing is liable for punishment in any way the university deem fit. The declaration statement needs to be signed by all the members of the group.

Company guide certification

In this part your guide will certify that the project at the company was done under his/her guidance and it is an original project. This document needs to be signed by the group members as well as the guide. Make sure to include the contact information and the designation of the guide.


In this section you acknowledge the contributors who helped you complete the project by cooperation, guidance. Be specific regarding what is the contribution you want to acknowledge.

Table of contents

In this section you introduce the Table of content listing the heading of various content as well as the page number of the content. You should use the automatic Table of Content generation guide available in MS Word® or similar software.


You need to break-up your content section into parts. This parts will determine your headings and subheading. The breakup varies from project to project.