Assignment Submission Guideline

File Types

  • Microsoft Office files only (e.g. doc/docx, xls/xlsx)

  • PDF files are NOT ALLOWED


  • Class Number
  • Dash
  • Section Number
  • Space
  • Assignment Type & Number
  • Space
  • NSU ID (Or Group Name if appropriate)


  • MGT410-2 HC1 00148575767.doc
  • MGT410-2 HC1 00148575767.xls
  • MGT410-2 GC1 blue-group.xls

First Page of an assignment

  • Name, NSU ID (Or Group Name and individuals' name and NSU ID if appropriate)
  • Course Number
  • Section Number
  • Assignment Type & Number
  • Due Date


  • Use the filename as the subject/title of email
  • Please do not use the contact form but directly email me your assignments.
  • Your email address and your name as it is configured should be your name rather than and "Butterfly 28". Be professional.

Do's- Please consider these before submission

  • Answer the question objectively- this will keep the answer simple and void of unnecessary information. A repeat, be specific and relevant with respect to the question asked.
  • Organization- Get focused and write every paragraph with the question in mind.
    If you have diagrams, they need to be relevant and explained.
  • Use your own word. Consider local (Bangladeshi) examples rather than from books/online
  • Use a professional name during your email address configuration compared to "rambo"
  • Learn to use MS Office.
  • Use the spell checker.
  • Limit the use of capital letters.
  • Do a sanity check before submitting answer- does this answer make sense? This is particularly important for mathematical problems.

Don'ts- Please refrain from using

  • Using Red color in document
  • unnecessary highlights
  • Unnecessary layout elements/graphics that restrain the normal flow of a document
  • Directly copying textbook or other material


  • Group performance should be better than individual performance

See FAQ section for more help