General Course Policies


Attending classes are required.

  • You need to submit written explanation for each class you missed. Only medical and family emergency are the valid reasons to miss a class. Please let me know beforehand in case you are anticipating such an even.
  • For four or more misses, you are required to bring in your parent/guardian.
  • If you miss more than 25% of the classes, you will be an automatic fail. ยท


You need to sign in a roster title "Reason for being late". Three occurance will be penalized as the third day as absent.

Late Assignment

  • 1 day ~ 75% of graded
  • 2 days ~ 50% of graded
  • 2+ days ~ 0

Makeup- classes, quizzes and exams

  • Makeups will be provided given for accidents/medical reasons only. You need to submit a written request along with proof of the event.
  • Keep updated with NSU announcements
  • Makeup quizzes/IOAs will not be offered.
  • You will need to register yourself for makeup exams before taking the exam.

Academic integrity and professionalism

You are not to cheat in any way. You are expected to be professional attending the course. For instance, you should dress business casual or more formal. Cell Phones are to be turned off and no text messaging/IMing during class.

Do not hurt your fellow students- be fare

  • Cheating- grade inflation!
  • Loud conversation- Distraction. Use a pencil
  • Abrupt movement- Distraction. Don't do.
  • Request special favor- grade inflation!.

Environment Friendly

Reduce your usage of paper (Without effecting your productivity). Recycle papers as appropriate.

NSU Policies

NSU policies supersede the course policies (as applicable).