Policy for IOA

  • You can do group discussion before the assessment.
  • You will not be graded if you do not complete the assessment, i.e. you will have to answer each and every question. You can leave a question blank or randomly choose answer in case you want to jump forward.
  • Group discussions are allowed before you appear for the assessment and NOT during the assessment.
  • Plagiarism and copying policy applies to IOA's. If you copy or plagiarism all your IOA grades will be set to zero.
  • You need to finish the assessment in no more than 2 login instances.
  • You can use books, journals, online documents during the assessment process.
  • Makeup an IOA I missed? No. There are ample time for these kind of assessment and one of these are dropped. Also, online assessment gives enough flexibility and makes it easier to participate.

Do not use texts directly from the textbook- use your own words.

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