MGT314 Term Project | NSU Business Processes

Assignment Type: 
Term Project
Assignment Number: 
Term Project
Assignment Description: 
NSU Business Processes
Due Date: 
27 March

Find a list of Business Processes by clicking here

Select 4 Business Processes per member of your group. Understand/define these BPS and for each of these

  • Develop BPMN diagrams considering
    1. Activities and Tasks,
    2. Participants,
    3. Roles,
    4. Sequence,
    5. Time
    6. Events/Triggers
  • Use swim-lanes as appropriate
  • Explain the various parts of the process
  • Make recommendation how you can improve the process
  • Deliverable

    • Report: MS Word document will all the business processes assigned to you documented.


    Business Process Mapping @ CU.ppt1.96 MB