GA 3 | OrangeHRM Configuration

Assignment Type: 
Group Assignment
Assignment Number: 
GA 3
Assignment Description: 
OrangeHRM Configuration
Due Date: 
17 April

Configure and populate data in an OrangeHRM software

  • Consider BTG as
    your organization and make the (admin) configuration
  • Make the necessary configurations based on the "BTG- Employee Information Form" attached below
  • Populate the system with 5 sample employee with all the information as the attached employee information
  • Post a job Vacancy and submit an application for the vacancy

Deliverable (Report):

  • Introduction about what you are going to do
  • How different sections were configured
    • Screenshots of implementation of different features
  • How the Recruitment process works (Job Vacancy and the Resume submission)
  •  Conclusion/Your learning experience
    •  What was good
    • What was bad
    • What was Ugly
  • Appendix with URL, admin username and password for the system used

You will be provided with the access of an OrangeHRM system per group within one week. Please email me for the access information (per group).


BTG- Employee Information Form v0.1.doc140.5 KB