GA 1 confusion

Hello everyone. I am really confused about GA 1. I just need help for a start. If anyone can, pls can you tell me about what needs to be done?

MGT314 IOA c3 is showing this quiz is closed

Sir, I have tired for IOA C3, but it is showing "this quiz is closed". What would i do??

about mis105 slides

Sir I can't find the slides of chapter 7 . Maybe it's not uploaded yet !

IOA-4 is showing that the quiz is closed

Sir, I am trying for ioa-4. But it showing that the quiz is closed

Request for Mid Term-1

Dear Sir,

Please do not get angry on me for I, on behalf of other students too, is requesting you to take the mid term-1 on the 3rd of March (Sunday) as we are to submit the case study as well. the case study needs prolonged period of time for interpretation and the mid term syllabus is pretty lengthy so we need time to finish the syllabus as well. Sir, as you said that we will not do a good result but still we can give it a try if you permit us with the time-span and let us sit for the exam on Sunday.

We will be grateful to you if you keep this matter into your consideration.