Scheduling a Lab/Presentation

Sometimes you might be requested to schedule activities e.g lab-test, and presentation. Usually there are various time-slots for you to choose from (to do the activity). Emails does not allow real time communication and hence is not a good method for these types of scheduling.

To schedule the activity, please call/meet me during office hours (posted in the front page).

Hint: You can put an appointment reminder in your smartphone regarding my business hour to ensure that you will not forget to call. Please see the contact information for my NSU extension.

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Please see the section about scheduling a lab. Unfortunately, we cannot schedule over forum topic.

1310264030 (not verified)

Sir, I'm Nur -A-Alam Mishad, Course: MIS105. Sec: 2, Semester:Fall2013
ID:1310264030, I want to give my Lab-1 at tomorrow-11.00AM. as its due date is 14-11-2013.Sir ,can I come to you ,at that time to give my Lab-1 ?

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