Term Project | General Guidelines

Keys to success

  • Plan ahead- allocate times
  • Make sure it is a team-work
  • Use your own words
  • Request assistance (from course instructor) in the initial stage

Simple steps for success

  1. Clarify the topic- read the instructions and discuss with your group members and the instructor until you get a clear idea what you are going to do.
  2. Analyze employing the concepts learned in class and do external research. Use internet for fast searching.
    Double check information you obtained from the internet. Use library, e-library and the Textbook.
  3. Prepare the deliverable .


  1. A report- email a soft copy and submit a hard copy before presentation
    • Maximum 12 pages excluding appendix and cover page
    • Be concise, provide evidence supporting your statements
    • Choose professional line-spacing and font-size. (search online for similar reports to get an understanding)
    • Do not include definitions and limit your usage of quotes.
    • Credit all your sources (use bibliography).
    • Make your analysis data representation (e.g. graphs, tables) to fit in 1/3rd of a page per diagram (unless there is a special case like BPMN diagrams, Floorplans ...)
    • Attach secondary and/or large data in the appendix. For example
      • Include the "Company Profile" in the appendix
      • Include the "Survey Questions" and tables in the appendix- make chart and include that in the main report section.
  2. Prepare an executive memo
    • 2 pages detailing major aspects of the project including result.
  3. Prepare a presentation
    • Be professional- consider dress-code, professional conduct, practice preparation
    • Be concise- use agenda, introduce the issue (problem statement), consider solutions, propose a solution, analyze the solution and conclude with future direction
    • Use bullet points compared to sentences in your slides

Grading areas

  • Correctness of the analysis
  • Support for statements with proofs- preferable with quantitative information.
  • Thoughtfulness of the analysis
  • Thoroughness of the analysis
  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Structure and organization of the paper including
  • Clarity of the writing
  • Presentation
  • Member evaluation
    • Half of your grade depends on how your group members evaluate you.
    • The evaluation will be confidential.
  • Please submit an original work or get a 0 and get reported
Students- Group Evaluation Form44.62 KB
Instructors Presentation Evaluation Form54.18 KB