Assignment Submission Policy

You need to email all your assignments except you are explicitly requested to do so. Your assignments is a separate file attached in the email.

File Types

  • Only Microsoft Office files are accepted (You cannot send PDF documents) for reports. Please add relevant files e.g. MS Project, MS Visio for if the assignment asks for it.

File name of the Assignment

You need to create file name as a sequence of strings. The format is given below

  • Course ID (e.g. MGT314)
  • Dash
  • Section Number (e.g. 4)
  • Space
  • Assignment Type & Number (e.g. GA-1, IA-1)
  • Space
  • NSU ID (Or Group Name if appropriate)


  • MGT314-4 IA-1 00148575767.doc
  • MGT314-4 IA-1 00148575767.xls
  • MGT314-4 GA-1 blue-group.xls

Assignments with multiple files

Term projects and other assignment might require you to send/email multiple files. In such a case, zip all the files before you send them.

For the report, you have to submit a single file. In case you have reports in multiple files you can organize all the documents into a single document. For instance, if you are using multiple word files you can choose to merge them into a single pdf file.

First Page of an assignment

  • Name, NSU ID (Or Group Name and individuals' name and NSU ID if appropriate)
  • Course Number
  • Section Number
  • Assignment Type & Number
  • Due Date

Consider creating a template in MS Word and reuse it for different assignment submission.


  • Use the file-name as the subject/title of email
  • Follow the emailing guideline

Checks before submission

  • Objectivity
    • Answer the question objectively
    • Write every paragraph with the question in mind
    • Be specific and relevant with respect to the question asked
    • Keep the answer simple and void of unnecessary information
  • Content
    • use your own word. Consider local (Bangladeshi) examples rather than from books/online
    • review the plagiarism and academic dishonety policy
    • Do a sanity check before submitting answer- does this answer make sense? This is particularly important for mathematical problems.
  • Organization & formatting
    • Use MS Office- learn new techniques as necessary
      • Allocate time for formatting.
      • Use the spell checker
      • Limit the use of capital letters
      • Don't use red color and/or unnecessary highlights in your document
      • Don't use irrelevant layout elements/graphics
    • If you have diagrams, they need to be relevant and explained
    • Make sure the document has a natural/coherent flow of the subject matter requested