Makeup Policy

Instructor Missing Classes

The instructor missing a class will follow with a makeup. The makeup will be announced considering the convenience of the student. You are encouraged to attend the class however the makeup-attendance will not affect your course's attendance. It will get you a 1% bonus in terms of class participation (allocated in the class participation bonus as outlines in the course website).

NSU Announced Makeups

We will follow all makeups announced by NSU as well as all policy of NSU.

Students Missing Assignments

Makeup is possible only for individual evaluations- individual assignments and midterms.

  • Only accidents/medical emergencies concerning you and/or your immediate-family are acceptable.

The makeup process

  • Step 1: Email an online application
    • Send a formal application explaining why you missed the assignment.
    • Provide with proof(s) of a valid reason you mentioned in the application. E.g. in case of a high fever you need to attached a doctor's note and/or prescription. You might need to bring in your parent/guardian in case your proofs are not convincing enough.
    • Include your name, NSU ID, course and section, semester, missed examination description, date of the missed assignment.
  • Step 2: Submit a hard copy of the application and schedule the makeup
    after the final examination schedules are posted by the NSU Authority
    • Use the same application that you sent online.
    • Attach a printed list of your current final examination schedule.
    • Include one of your parents/guardian's signature of approval, phone number and a suitable time to call.
  • Step 3: Appear for the exam
    • The exam is open book/notes.
    • The exam is conducted during the final week.
    • The question patterns are subjective.
    • The syllabus is comprehensive with emphasis on the chapters originally assigned for the exam
      • The questions will cover the same chapters but it will be more comprehensive in nature. I.e. You can expect questions form other relevant chapters.

Your final grade will reflect your makeup score.

Makeup is not possible for finals, IOAs and/or group assignment.