Technology Policy

You are required a good command and availability of the following technology component. Luckily they are all available at NSU Labs.

Internet Access:

This course require a reliable Internet
connection. This is available through NSU or various other providers. If you are considering a third party provider, a connection of 128 Kbps and a download manager is strongly recommended to access course contents.

Browser for accessing course content

  • Internet Explorer 6 or higher
  • Firefox 1.5 and higher

Pop-up Blockers:

The course site uses pop-up windows to deliver certain course
material such as quizzes, surveys, email and chat. While you are in the site, you will need to disable any
pop-up blocking software you may have installed. Most blockers have a disable
feature, so you do not necessarily need to uninstall any software you wish to
use while visiting other internet sites.

Other Software Requirement

Microsoft Office Suite 2000 or later

Open Office Suite 3 or later


If you are having
technical problems call the NSU ( ISD groups mail services )

NSU Ext: Ext. 1411, 1405, 1403, 1413, 1404,
1402, 1406 & 1410

Hot Line
Support (09:00 am - 09:00pm): PABX Ext.
1425, 1417 & 7001

Holyday Support (Friday - Saturday): PABX Ext.: 1425, 1411, 7001 & 7002